What is financial freedom?

It seems that we are all slave to the all mighty dollar. No matter where you are financially, we seem to dig ourselves into a financial hole. The more you make, the deeper the hole.

Achieving financial freedom means that you have filled in that hole and you are no longer in debt with the exception of a major expense such as a home purchase. Once you are out of debt, the goal is to start building wealth, have money for emergencies, pay off that house, and build your retirement. If you start out early in your life, you can retire an extremely wealthy person.

My goal is to help others get out of debt and achieve financial freedom. Most of the information that is presented here is something that most of you already know. My intent is to refresh your memory and provide a road map to reach your goal. The hardest part for me was take that first step. Once I committed and took that first step, things just started to fall into place.

I wish you the best of luck on reaching your financial goals and becoming financially free. Please come back and visit often.

Thanks & God Bless.

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