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The articles below are specially selected to provide readers with a high level, step by step process, on how you can become debt free and get you started on your quest to create wealth. I will update this section and the included articles over time, in order to provide readers with additional information.

Best wishes on your quest for Financial Freedom!


start-4140_640Getting Started
Most likely, if you came across this site you are like many people and you are looking for help with your finances. I want you to understand that it usually takes a major lifestyle change if you want to be financially free. Most of us do not have a rich uncle that is going to leave us a bunch of money, and the odds are against you winning big in the lottery. It takes work and planning to be free from….


approval-15914_150Winning at the Financial Game
I’m sure most of you have played the board game, The Game of Life. The goal is to move around the board and try to make it to the end with a large pile of money. I played it when I was much younger and we would define what we considered winning at the beginning of the game. Sometimes, the winner would be the person that made it to the end first, and other times it would be the person when made it to the end with the most money. Either way, we defined our end goal….


Financial PlanCreating a Financial Plan
Without a proper financial plan, it’s very difficult to reach your goal no matter what that goal might be. For example, let’s take a look at the great American game known as football. Teams work hard in an attempt to get to the playoffs by creating plays in an attempt to defeat the opposing team. They don’t just run out on the field without a proper training and planning. In fact, everyone works as a team in order to execute a well defined and practiced play. Why would you attempt to live your life without creating a proper plan of action? People plan out their education goals, career strategy, so why….


budgetHow to Budget Your Money 
In this series, we provide readers a step by step process on how to create a budget and how to maintain your personal budget. If you live pay check by pay check, do not have money in a savings account, or if you are not putting money back for retirement, you need to start now and take control of your financial future….


Emergency FundCreating an Emergency Fund
So you want to eliminate your debt and get rid of those credit cards. My question to you is how fast would you like to make this happen? Would you rather pay off your debt in three months or drag it out for three years? Of course you are going to pick the three month option or you wouldn’t be here. If you are serious about eliminating your debt, then you need….


BillPaying Down Debt
I suspect that one of the main reasons you are reading this, is because you are seeking financial help. Well you’re not alone. There are millions of internet searches each month for a financial planner or financial advisor. That should give you an idea…..


wealthCreate Wealth
I’m going to start this off by answering one simple question, why build wealth? One reason is for you to save money for your retirement. You might be paying into social security, but are you going to be able to depend on living off social security alone, even if it is still around when it is time to retire. Consider the expenses you are paying right now and take a look at the money you expect receive from social security when you…..


* While tries to help our readers to become debt free and achieve financial freedom by providing free financial advice, the same principles that has been taught for many years, we recommend  that if you are having serious financial distress, that you seek help from a certified financial advisor.