Affordable Health Care Act – Problem 1

The Real Cost of Obama Care

BillThis post is from a friend of mine, Isaiah, and how the so called Affordable Health Care Act isn’t so affordable. I think it should be renamed Un-Affordable and Life Threating Care Act.


Here is a basic explanation of what The Affordable Health Care Act (Obama Care) is going to do to myself and everyone else

1. There are insurance plans considered “High Risk Pool”. This means the covered person is very ill or has a chronic illness and will be facing many medical bills for the rest of their life or a long period of time. I was on the Missouri High Risk pool because I am a Heart and Kidney Transplant Patient and we still have a residence in Missouri which is were I was born. We have paid our premiums for 20 years and been very happy with our coverage and all the things I have went through were covered by our private policy.

2. We and many others received letters from Blue Cross Blue Shield a few days ago stating that “The High Risk Pool is closing” We only have coverage until January 1st 2014 then we must go to The Affordable Health Care Act. This is a very terrible thing because I have a Heart Cath test that is MANDATORY when a Heart Transplant Patient is 20 years out. They check for blockage in my arteries and coronary artery disease to make sure I am all clear because it is a life threatening issue. This test alone is 10,000 dollars and we had this scheduled for January so I would meet my new deductible. This is now not possible due to my coverage being dropped.

3. The Affordable Health Care Act requires ALL HIGH RISK POOLS TO CLOSE DOWN which forces people like myself with chronic illness into The Affordable Health Care Act. The President promised that anyone with current insurance coverage would be left alone and get to keep their plans. This was a lie.

4. The cheapest plan in the Affordable Health Care act has a deductible of 6,000 dollars. My deductible every year is only 500 dollars. That is a very large increase. My care has to be special and taken seriously because of my illness. The Government will now dictate healthcare and decide what is plausible and what is not. The Elderly are going to be affected just as much as people like me. We have no guarantee of our future health care and it is a socialist system. The deductible’s alone are ridiculous but someone who has to have medical care like myself are looking at much higher premiums than before.

5. Please share this because this is serious issue for not only my family but for millions around the country who suffer with long term illness. This is not a political statement. This is a personal statement. Our loved ones are at risk and this must be seen.


– Isaiah



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