Happy New Year

Money Challenge


As one year comes to an end, it is time to start your financial planning for the next year if you haven’t done so already. Most everyone makes a New Years resolution or two, so have you considered what your financial resolution is for this coming year?

If you haven’t decided on your financial resolution, I suggest that you do the 52 week money challenge. It is simple to follow and is a great way to get the new year moving in the right direction.

Download and print out the 52 Week Money Challenge on this page. Each week, you set aside a small amount of money, starting at $1 for the first week and increasing the previous weeks funds by another $1. So for week one you put back $1, week two you put back another $2, and $3 for week three. This continues on throughout the year reaching the end of the year when you add another $52 to your challenge fund.

This is a great and simple way to get started saving for the next year. If you are getting a late start on this, you should be able to quickly catch up by starting you fund with the amount listed on the far right of the chart.

Get started now by downloading and printing out the 52 Week Challenge Worksheet. Print one for yourself and give one to a friend. Share the challenge, share the worksheet, share this link, and most of all help someone else get off to a good financial start.


We wish you the best on the upcoming year!



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